Types of specimen pouches
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With the development of our society, specimen pouches have a wide range of uses in several fields today. They are widely used in hospitals and medical centers to store samples, items, etc. specimen pouches can be purchased in various colors, thicknesses, strengths, and sizes. The type of specimen pouch you choose depends on the purpose for which it needs to be repaired. You can also choose from various types of closures for the bags or include any other customization you need. Below is information about some common types of specimen pouches.

specimen pouch

(1) 95kPa Specimen Transport Bags.

If you need to store biohazardous materials, it is best to use this specimen pouch. In addition to being strong and durable, it comes with a biohazard warning at the top of the bag, making handling safer and more discreet.

(2) Economic protection tamper-proof specimen pouches.

This type of bag has an additional bag as well as tamper-resistant packaging. This type of bag is ideal for ensuring the security and integrity of the material stored in the bag.

(3) Economy zippered red/orange imprinted specimen pouches.

These leak-proof bags are available in two colors - red and orange. The bags feature a double-bag design and have special instructions on handling the bag contents.

(4) Economy-zippered colored zippered specimen pouches.

These clear bags come in different zipper colors. These bags make storage easier to manage and access.

(5) Economy zipper transparent specimen pouches.

These clear specimen pouches are used for efficient storage and transportation. The contents of the bags are visible and can help to easily identify or access the contents.

These bags can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the institution. Some facilities use specimen pouches for advertising themselves, while others include additional storage space for documents, record cards, etc. For a more detailed look, feel free to contact us!

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