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General Surgery Consumables

Surgitools Medical Disposable Skin Retractor will retract skin tissues in various surgical procedures. This retractor boasts one end with features of a retractor, and the other side has a shape of skin hook. Besides, the instrument is suitable for retracting delicate tissues.

  • Disposable Uterine Cannula

    Disposable Uterine Cannula

    Disposable Uterine Cannula provides both hydrotubation injection and uterine manipulation.
    The unique design allows a tight seal on the cervix and a distal extension for enhanced manipulation.
  • Disposable Skin Retractor

    Disposable Skin Retractor

    The Disposable Retractor system provides a great anatomical visualization for multi-type surgeries. The variety kinds of hook placements and elastic stays maintain consistent retraction.
    With the Surgimed Retractor, Surgeons are free to perform other tasks with greater efficiency.
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